Avoiding App Downtime With Filestack Virus Detection

Chances are, you’ve had more than one sleepless night thinking about malware or viruses. For many businesses, both large and small, the idea of a breach in data security is terrifying and can cost companies in many industries millions of dollars. The risks can be costly for any brand or product that is storing content on their website or within their application. Malicious programs can lead to corrupted data and unexpected downtime, which are both major problems that any company would want to avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately, app infection can be incredibly powerful. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to avoid it and preserve the trust of your user base.

The Importance of Preventing App Downtime

One cause of a virus infiltrating your app infection is when a user uploads an infected file. However, most businesses cannot restrict or disallow file uploads to prevent app infection, unless they have specialized policies in place. After all, file uploads are an essential component of many applications. For example, if your business offers a health portal app, your users could be uploading patient medical records. Therefore, it is essential that your business has measures in place to ensure that all files uploaded to an application are free of viruses.

No matter the nature of your app, it is imperative to avoid app downtime at all costs in order to secure user confidence, reliability and trustworthiness in your brand. Let Filestack Virus Detection work on the backend to monitor uploaded files while your application remains fully functional.

Scan Every File Upon Upload

When an infected file is uploaded to an app, the hidden code can infect the entire app. The introduction of an infected file to an application could be accidental or deliberate, but regardless, all it takes is one infected file to lead to corrupted data and eventually unexpected application downtime.

To prevent the infection of your application, you need a tool that scans every file upon upload into your app. Unfortunately, an infected file can wreak more havoc than just causing your application to go down. It can also infect your end users’ systems. If your application starts to infect the systems of your end users, it will lead to a significant loss of confidence in both the application and your brand and you may see your customer retention fall short.

Avoid App Downtime with Filestack Virus Detection

Filestack Virus Detection is the newest tool in the Filestack Workflows suite. Virus detection is able to screen all files uploaded into your application for malware, viruses and other potentially malicious programs. When Filestack identifies a potentially infected file, it will quarantine the file before it has the chance to infect your application all while notifying users of the quarantine so they are able to take further action.

The Filestack Virus Detection tool depends on artificial intelligence to integrate into the processes of your application. You can count on Filestack’s tool to provide top-notch detection against infected files introduced into your app. Scanning files for viruses is incredibly simple, convenient, and effective with Filestack Virus Detection. Contrary to popular belief, file upload security does not have to be difficult at all.

How Does Filestack Virus Detection Work?

The Filestack Virus Detection tool scans all types of files, such as HTML, video, composite files and more. Every single file is scanned for any malware or viruses upon upload into your application. This tool takes into consideration that even the transfer or uploading of an HTML or SVG file with infected code can immediately take the application offline. When a file with infected code is uploaded, the infected code that is latent within the file executes and infects the application.

Another feature that makes our tool unique is its ability to handle composite files. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how common it is for ZIP and TAR files to contain and spread potentially harmful programs.

Securing your file uploads should be on the forefront of your mind. To learn more about how you can avoid app downtime and secure file upload with the Filestack Virus Detection tool, feel free to reach out to us:

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