Blur & Sharpen Image Uploads With Filepicker URL Filters

With the Filestack Filepicker, the days of editing images in Photoshop are coming to an end. Once you upload images to Filepicker, you can edit that image directly from its URL.

Image Conversion

Filepicker makes it ease to work with user content by enabling image post-processing. That way, regardless of what type of file a user uploads from the Cloud or a local device, you can be sure it’s in exactly the right format that your site needs.

Convert Methods

To convert an image that’s been uploaded to Filepicker, all you have to do is include the conversion task to the file’s CDN URL, along with parameters specifying what you want to change, in between the section and the file handle:

Resize Conversion
An example resize conversion is as below:



You can resize images that are uploaded on Filepicker by setting new image widths and heights. You can read more about the image resizing options here.


Filter Conversion
An example filtering conversion is as below:



Blurring and sharpening images that are uploaded on Filepicker even allows a blur amount parameter to modify the amount of blur, and uses the convert endpoint, so normal usage applies.


Filepicker allows for image conversion using: fit, crop, align, format, filter, quality, rotate, watermark, and waterposition. Make sure to try out all the convert methods for all your image conversion needs


Looking for additional image conversion options?
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