Meet the New Filepicker Team

Over the past 2 years Filepicker has matured from a dorm-room idea to help developers like us deal with the pain of uploads, to a YCombinator graduate and a thriving community of over 30,000 live Filepickers that have uploaded over 100 millions files!

You’ve seen us build out our partner integrations and ecosystem—removing the technical barriers of connecting files between your app and where data now lives. Our Filepickers are ingesting assets from Dropbox, Instagram, Evernote and a dozen more sources. We’ve support for your favorite platform—from Ruby on Rails to Android to Magento and more. And we’ve built out your most requested pipeline features—from image conversion and cropping to thumbnails and image effects.

We’ve done this while maintaining millions and millions of assets moving through our production-deployed Filepickers—giving you blazing-fast file transfer speeds while supporting the growing ecosystem of connected applications.

Getting here hasn’t been easy—it’s taken long days, long nights and a lot of personal sacrifices. The original founding team of Brett Van Zuiden, Anand Dass and Liyan Chang have moved mountains to get us to where we are today. But moving forward they are passing the torch to a new team… here we are:

Brett said “I’m delighted the new team is in place, having worked with them for the past few months, I’m very confident they will take Filepicker to the next level and provide excellent support to our community. Personally I’m proud of what my co-founders and myself achieved in the past couple of years and I’m looking forward to my next adventure”

We’ve been at this transition for a few months now and we couldn’t be happier than working with the team, tech and our community. Many of you have already met us on our customer calls and we’ve a laundry list of additions to our roadmap. We’ll have more on that in an upcoming post.

We are fully committed to seeing Filepicker continue its growth—and we’d love to chat with you if you have any questions, comments or feedback for us:

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Team Filepicker

P.S. In answer to overwhelming requests from the team and the community you’ll see we’re moving back to our roots—back to

and putting

to bed.

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