Filestack + Zencoder: Transcode and Display Videos Easily

One of the most requested features we hear from our customers is the ability to use video transcoding with in a way that’s just as powerful and easy to integrate as our image conversion capabilities. We took a deep look at the video transcoding space and knew that we wanted to work with Zencoder to make it happen. The result? The easiest way for your application to collect, transcode, and display videos to your users.

Integrating and Zencoder in Your Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how to get and Zencoder working together in your application (or just see the demo and source code):

0. Head on over to and Zencoder to sign up for accounts if you haven’t yet – keep your API keys handy, you’ll use them soon

1. Pull together the basic html template:

2. Add the custom javascript to call when the upload link is clicked

3. Add the logic to take the upload and send it to Zencoder’s servers for processing

For a full tutorial on using the two services together, see the tutorial and the accompanying demo, along with accompanying source code on github

We’re really excited to see what you all build with this new partnership – whether your users upload videos for their profiles, a product review, a crowdfunding project, or really anything else, and Zencoder can help you make it happen.

A special thanks to Matthew McClure and Casey Wilms at Zencoder for their work to make this possible.

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