Project Ideas – Send a fax

Keep ‘em coming has been what you’ve asked for, so here we are again: another inspiration for a service we’d love to see built using

In some ways, this idea is similar to the last Inspirations post on printing cloud photos using, but in a different domain:

Send a fax from

Ideally in the future faxes would just go away, but in the interim we can at least make it less painful. I feel like every time I need to fax something, it’s either in my Gmail attachments, Dropbox, Google Docs, essentially anywhere but my local hard drive. It would be great if I could use to choose the file I wanted to fax, and send it off directly via my web browser, without having to download or upload anything, let alone print off the document and go to my local Kinkos.

Did this spark your creativity? We’d be happy to help you out! If you need anything or have other ideas for integrations, leave us a comment below.

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