Project Ideas – Filepicker + Pixlr mashup

Sometimes over dinner or while we’re waiting for our tests to pass, we’ll chat about some of the neat applications that someone should make using Some of them are probably just a couple hours of work, others weekend projects, and others potentially whole startups!

But given that we think that they would make the better place, why not “Open Source” the ideas to the community? So here goes, the first “Inspirations” post:

Filepicker + Pixlr mashup

We’re super excited about the prospect of living entirely online, and whenever nay-sayers complain that web applications will never be good enough, we point them at, a fantastic online photo editor.

Even better: since Pixlr has an API, it means people (read: you) can build services on top of it. So we challenge the community to integrate with Pixlr, so that people can use Filepicker to pull in photos from Dropbox, Facebook, webcams, etc., edit them online in Pixlr, and save them back online, without ever having to download or upload anything to their computer. Because to us here at, that’s the future. And it’s awesome.

So go forth! We’re excited to hear about what you build, and if you are on the market for weekend projects, look forward to more Inspirations from us here at

If you have any other ideas for applications or services that should be built on, or even better if you actually went out there and made this happen, let us know in the comments! We’d love to celebrate your accomplishment and start using it!

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