Filestack is at DeveloperWeek Austin 2017!

The Hacker Zone at DeveloperWeek Austin 2017

Filestack is in town for DeveloperWeek Austin 2017! This is such an exciting opportunity for us. DeveloperWeek has a nice split on attendance between people who manage tech teams, and people who are actively developing and pushing code every day. There is also a pretty awesome hackathon happening alongside the “pro” tracks.

One of the great things about working for Filestack is that our developers are building our product every day for developers. In my time at Filestack I’ve seen many users go from being junior devs who pull our product in because they don’t have time to figure out the complexities of file uploading on their own, to being much more advanced developers who heavily tailor our product to their needs. As a Saas company we get to save developers time and resources so that they can focus on the parts of their projects they are really passionate about. We have our JS library that can be called in with the simple script tag, but developers can pull Filestack into their projects with the SDK of their choice.

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The DeveloperWeek Austin 2017 Experience

My first conversation here at DeveloperWeek was about why senior devs continue to use Filestack even though they likely have the skills to build a simple uploader on their own. There are many answers to that question, but the simplest one is that our team focuses on reliability of ingestion and delivery. As developers, we tend to think it is a simple process to pull in a single small file from a local file system. The thing is, everyday users need more than single local uploads. They need to be able to pull files in from cloud sources. They need to be able to upload multiple files and larger files than ever before.

Many of the Austin DeveloperWeek sponsors on the expo floor are focusing their pitches on speed and reliability when integrating their products. This makes sense because as a developer myself, I want to build the best products possible in the shortest amount of time. I am excited to learn from the talks here and hopefully share my knowledge to help others as well.

If you are here at Austin DeveloperWeek and want to hear about streamlining your file uploads and transformations, make sure to shoot me a tweet @creativitree_me. There might even be a t-shirt in it for you.

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