Future Proofing UPLOADS with Filestack

Uploading local files without Filestack is about to take three steps forward…and two steps backwards.

In a continued effort to rid the Web of flash, Mozilla has been working with Microsoft on a proposal that would provide directory picking and directory drag-and-drop, which sounds like a good thing. However, due to the potential for performance problems when working with a large number of files, as outlined by Jonathan Watts in this blog post, Mozilla and Microsoft opted not to standardize on Chrome’s existing webkitdirectory, but to introduce it’s own method which neutralizes the perceived threat of performance degradation by efficiently parsing the incoming payload of files.

It is undeniable, as the proposal suggests, that the amount of file activity happening in the browser is increasing. Modern browsers will require new, more efficient ways to handle the increasing load and complexity of data ingestion. But while these efforts bode well for preserving end user experience, these competitive departures from standardization will increase the likelihood of a fragmented browser landscape for developers.

What does this mean for you?

The bad news…

These competitive forks along the road of innovation, while necessary, force developers to choose between keeping pace with and coding around disparate technologies when they could (should) be building better apps.  

The good news…

Filestack already supports multiple file uploads regardless of browser platform and directory (folder) upload for Chrome by adding folders: true to your picker options.


Now watch Filestack uploading a folder full of photos via drag-and-drop:


So beyond providing power end-to-end file management, Filestack’s framework also provides a solution to browser disparity that is not only simple to integrate, but will continually adapt to future changes in the browser landscape to ensure a consistent user experience and compatibility, regardless of platform.

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