JavaScript File Upload API: Expectations vs. Reality


An efficient file uploader solution often comes with JavaScript file upload API, which is a must for users. It comes with rich features that are rewarding for your web application or website. The result is that file uploading is an effortless task no matter what devices or browsers you use. At the same time, you can ensure your app is high-performing without compromising security and compliance risks.

The software industry has many ways to handle file uploads using JavaScript file upload API. As a developer, the challenge of building such a system and providing any level of meaningful functionality is exhausting. It must provide a simple yet impressive mechanism for uploading and delivering content and transforming data into other formats. Moreover, it needs to be secure.

For any individual developer, it is impossible to implement, test, and harden a system like that. Finding a suitable JavaScript file upload API like this seems to be a little tricky since you have various options available. Here comes Filestack, balancing expectations vs. reality. More than 100,000 applications trust Filestack to handle file uploads, transformations, storage, delivery, etc.

In this post, we’ll explore the expectations vs. reality of JavaScript File Upload API enabled uploader and find why Filestack is the balancing between the two.

Let’s start!

What is JavaScript File Upload API?

A JavaScript File Upload APIs [1] enabled file uploader is a software solution you can use to upload, transform, and deliver files to your website or application. It accepts and manages users’ files. Every website has an interface to receive user-generated content. Generally, a file uploader on a site or app may look like an actionable button. Upon clicking the button, a dialogue box opens for you to choose and submit a file.

The file can be:

  • Portfolios or CVs on job sites
  • Pictures and Reels on Instagram
  • Feature image on a blog post
  • Product images on an eCommerce site
  • Videos on a YouTube channel etc.

What are the Features Expected from a Typical JavaScript File Upload API Uploader?

A typical file uploader on a website or app should have adequate features to ensure a user-friendly interface, compliance, data storage, proper data security, etc. Let’s look at some distinct features that make a JavaScript File Upload APIs-enabled file uploader balance expectation vs. reality.

Does the JavaScript File Upload API-Enabled Uploader Have a User-Friendly Interface?

A perfect file uploader interface built with JavaScript File Upload API is difficult to find. But when you want your entire team to use your file uploader without any confusion or difficulty, you must choose an uploader that can ensure a good balance between the two factors. For this reason, you can look for features like:

  • A preview option to make sure they have chosen the right one. This feature is handy for uploading on the site or app.
  • The uploader must support multiple uploads to enable uploading various files simultaneously.
  • It must support and accommodates large files without compromising the speed. This feature is convenient for uploading large video files on various sites like YouTube.
  • Responsive, cross-browser support lets users upload files conveniently no matter what device they use.

Does the JavaScript File Upload API Uploader Have a Drag and Drop Functionality?

  • Drop Uploader plugin allows users easily convert the default file input field in the form of a powerful Drag & Drop area. It supports multiple file uploading, file type validation, and error handling.
  • Drag and drop is a must-have feature, making your work effortless. Because you can drag a file from your computer and then drop it on the uploader zone.
  • For example, if you want a file from an already open file or your browser’s downloads panel, you can easily drag and drop the file and upload it quickly with a click. This feature will attach the file and preview it. It will save you valuable time and ease as you don’t need to struggle with clicking multiple times and moving across different folders to choose that one file.

Can the JavaScript File Upload API Uploader Edit Photo During Upload?

  • Photo editor SDK & powerful image transformation API give your users an intuitive photo editing experience with its Photo Editor SDK.
  • Besides this, modern features such as image editing in the browser are desirable; hence you can edit the photo and optimize their look to suit your app and website design. Additionally, you can perform operations on an image such as transform, filter, editing like crop, rotate, resize, blur, mirror, invert, etc.
  • You can transform to any image at any URL, with just a few parameters you wish.
  • Adjust and resize images at the moment users upload.
  • You can apply batch transform images on S3 or other cloud storage.
  • Combine Several Images into One: Transform offers a collage task that takes a group of images and composites them into an automatic collage. The order in which they are provided in your API call defines how the images will be arranged.
  • Moreover, modern uploaders provide GIFs options. It’s a great way to showcase the functionality of a product without having to create videos. Set the animate task to build a new GIF with ease with the right images and a few URL parameters.

Does the JavaScript File Upload API Uploader Support Multiple Sources?

An efficient file uploader supports file uploading from multiple sources, not just from the users’ device storage or HDD. For this reason, when you choose a file uploader, make sure it has this option. Then you can integrate it with many upload sources such as:

  • Remote URLs where you can upload a file by copying a public link and pasting it into the file upload dialog.
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Local webcams or computer cameras so that users can take images instantly and upload them straight away.
  • Cloud sources like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Other sources such as Flickr, Evernote, Huddle, etc.

However, it’s essential to have all of them. So, it would help if you looked for a file uploader that supports those sources.

 Does the JavaScript File Upload API Uploader Ensure Security?

Rising cybersecurity risks are a significant global concern today. Data security and privacy will take into consideration when selecting a file uploader. Because by accepting user-generated content, your website is subjected to potential risks and threats such as malware, data theft, unauthorized access, etc.

  • Choose a file uploader platform that can secure your site or app. Here you can consider this:
  • Can scan all the files using anti-malware tools to ensure security
  • Can use an allowlist of file types to verify the file types; hence a user can upload while rejecting unapproved files.
  • Define a maximum and minimum file size limit to mitigate service outages
  • You can upload the files to an external directory and store data outside the Webroot. It ensures to safeguard the files from security issues and data loss
  • Can maintain compliance with regulations. For example, GDPR [2], HIPAA [3], etc., which is applicable in your region or country
  • Use SSL certificates for secured data transfers between users’ browsers and the webserver.

Does the JavaScript File Upload API Uploader Come with Integrated Storage & CDN?

A good uploader comes with pre-integrated with cloud-based file storage, purpose-built for high-demand, low-latency file uploading. You can store files to its server or upload files to Amazon S3[4], Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Rackspace, or Google Cloud Storage.

Filestack: The Best JavaScript File Upload API Enabled Uploader

Filestack API gives you a standard way of integrating everything without the need to build it all every time you introduce something new. You can get access to 20+ upload integrations in only two lines of code. API preferences like- File API, Processing API, Video and Audio processing API, SDKs, webhooks, and Workflow API makes filestack the top file uploader.

Moreover, Filestack has all the above features to make it the best JavaScript File Upload API uploader.

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