Use OCR To Organize Invoices

Filestack OCR for invoices

Your business solves a problem for your users, but this journey is so much more than the product itself. Support handles any customer concerns, marketing acts as a guide for the product itself, and the list goes on and on.

The Challenge of Cross-Departmental Coordination

What is often overlooked is the utilization and coordination of tools for every department. There are standards for every department: Salesforce helps sales teams organize and coordinate customer interactions, and Zendesk does the same on the support side.

The Invoicing Dilemma

With little to no “one size fits all” cross-departmental software, you end up with a rolodex of micro-services. This poses an internal problem for businesses in the form of invoices. In order to accurately track a company’s budget, these invoices have to be carefully organized and tracked. This is a task that is much easier said than done.

OCR for Invoice: The Drawbacks of Manual Processing

Despite being tedious, manually processing invoices is entirely unnecessary. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by Filestack can automatically extract and organize text from invoices (or any text document for that matter). Watch the video below, and if you identify with his issue, we can help.


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