Introducing OCR SDK For Android in Mobile App Development

OCR SDK For Android in Mobile App Development

As a developer, you must know the importance of OCR SDK for Android. Moreover, you must have realized how it revolutionized the functioning of our Android applications. It can elevate the user experience of our apps through text recognition in the images. Furthermore, OCR technology also converts the recognized text to machine-readable format.

We must know the fact that OCR technology opens a lot of use cases for multiple purposes. But, the question arises: how do we introduce OCR SDK for Android apps? Don’t worry! We are here to help all the developers today. In this blog, we will introduce you to the OCR and its role in Android app development. Moreover, we will also introduce you to the Filestack OCR SDK for Android. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s move forward.

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What is OCR and its role in Android app development?

Through machine learning, OCR converts text within images or scanned documents to editable or machine-readable texts. It plays a huge role in Android app development through manipulation, recognition, and extraction of texts. Here is how it helps us:

  1. Data entry and automation
  2. Text search and retrieval
  3. Languages translation
  4. Documents scanning and management
  5. Accessibility of the content for visually impaired users.

Let’s explore OCR SDKs and their transformative power in mobile app development.

What are OCR SDKs and their transformative power?

First, you must know that SDK refers to “Software Development Kit”. We refer to the SDK that implements OCR integration into our apps when discussing OCR SDK. Moreover, you must know that OCR SDKs power the OCR functionality in mobile apps. Hence, they elevate user experience and create endless opportunities.

Let’s talk about their transformative power.

  • OCR SDKs are usable in receipt scanners that use OCR to fetch the transaction details. At the same time, the language translators can use OCR SDK to extract text and convert it to another language.
  • Furthermore, banking uses image-based OCR to streamline check deposits. Moreover, documents scanning applications can use OCR to retrieve data extraction quickly.
OCR SDKs and their transformative power
OCR SDKs and their transformative power


What are OCR SDKs for Android?

OCR SDKs for Android have created many amazing possibilities for developers. Now, they can easily integrate the OCR functions into their applications without writing code from scratch. Moreover, you may consider these SDKs as building blocks. Furthermore, they can help us integrate the following features into our Android apps:

Text recognition

Image preprocessing

Language support

Furthermore, it can also help us get the following benefits:

Improved data for accurate results

Reduction in development time

Enhanced user experience

OCR SDKs like Filestack give us robust SDK documentation. This helps in OCR implementation in our apps fast. Let’s explore Filestack Android OCR SDK.

Filestack OCR SDK for Android

Filestack helps us digitize documents organize, and extract data from many files. Hence helping us prevent manual data entry. These files include credit cards, passports, tax receipts, and driver’s licenses. Moreover, Filestack OCR can streamline and organize the data capture process without lifting a finger. The best part is that you can integrate this SDK into your app within seconds.

Filestack OCR is scalable, accurate, and efficient. Let’s check how to prepare for OCR integration using Filestack OCR SDK in your apps.

Filestack OCR QR Codes to perform OCR using seamless integration on multiple platforms

How to prepare for OCR integration with OCR SDK for Android?

The most important thing to note is that you should choose the right SDK integration first. To choose the right SDK, you only need to consider some factors. Let’s explore those factors:

You have to make sure that your chosen SDK provides the required features. For example, it should automate the text recognition process, extract text from handwritten documents, and translate it into different languages.

Ensure that your SDK gives equally accurate results for printed as well as written documents

You should choose an OCR SDK that gives reasonable prices. Even if the prices are high, you must ensure it has enough features to fulfill that price.

Once you get the right OCR SDK, the next step is to integrate it. Moreover, Filestack OCR SDK comes with all the information you may need for integration.

After integration, you should ensure that OCR SDK is working perfectly fine. For this purpose, you must test it. You can perform the following tests on your OCR integration:

Compatibility tests

Functionality tests

Performance tests

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Filestack OCR SDK integration

First, install Filestack OCR SDK using the following command:

implementation 'com.filestack:filestack-android:5.3.0'

Here is the code to use Filestack OCR:

FilestackPicker picker = new FilestackPicker.Builder()
picker.launch(activity); //use an Activity instance to launch a picker    

To use Filestack OCR, you must have a Filestack API key. Secondly, you should use the “ocr task” with your API. Here is the code to get the OCR response on your image using Filestack:<POLICY>,s:<SIGNATURE>/ocr/<HANDLE>

Here is the external URL to use the OCR:<FILESTACK_API_KEY>/security=p:<POLICY>,s:<SIGNATURE>/ocr/<EXTERNAL_URL>


As developers, using the OCR SDK for Android can be transformative. It can reshape the users’ experience of interacting with our applications. However, choosing the right OCR SDK is also important. Moreover, it can help you implement the required features in the best possible ways. This is where we explored the Filestack OCR SDK.

Filestack OCR SDK gives you all the features a professional wants in his app. Furthermore, implementation of Filestack OCR solution is way easier than other SDKs available in the market. However, choosing the best OCR SDK for your Android applications depends on your requirements.




Does Android have built-in OCR?

You must know that Android doesn’t have a built-in OCR solution.

However, you can implement it by using technologies like Filestack.

How to integrate OCR in Android?

We have shared the whole method of preparing for OCR integration to the implementation of OCR integration. Check out the article to know the detailed guide.

What is OCR SDK?

An OCR SDK is an optical character recognition software development kit. Moreover, it helps us implement OCR functionality into our applications.

What is OCR service Android?

OCR service in Android refers to extracting text from images or documents using Optical Character Recognition technology.

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