Rogue One didn’t need the Force, they needed Filestack

This weekend I found myself at home trying to take a break from all things work related. I decided to sit and watch Rogue One with my family, and wouldn’t you know,  I wound up thinking about work. Specifically, I found myself thinking that Filestack and specifically our new release of Filestack Intelligent Ingestion makes the entire plotline pointless.

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen Rogue One, get yourself logged in on Netflix now! I’ll wait. Ok ready?

The purpose of the Rogue One mission can be boiled down to one main point within the Star Wars Saga. Jyn Erso needs to find the Death Star plans that her father created, and get them to the Rebel Fleet.  I did wonder at times how her father was able to get a hologram message to the right people, but not the actual plans. I’ll go ahead and put that bit of skepticism aside and assume that Galen Erso didn’t have free reign to transfer items over the Imperial network to in order to show his daughter the huge point of failure that he engineered into the Death Star. I let this slide only because later on an even bigger issue caught my attention.

Jyn, Cassian Andor, and K-2SO make it to Scariff, the planet where the Death Star plans are held. They get to the data vault where the precious files are held, but now have to risk the lives of the entire Rogue One crew and the Rebel Fleet in order to transfer the files.

Really?? They have the technology to shield a weapon the size of a planet from being seen, but they don’t have Intelligent Ingestion?

The main characters of Rogue One

The File Upload Failure of Rogue One

Then comes the part that really makes me wish Jyn and The Alliance knew of Filestack.

Jyn and her rebel crew are trying to figure out how to get the plans transferred to the Rebel Fleet when K-2SO says the following:

“We could transmit the files to the rebel fleet. We’d have to get a signal up to tell them it’s coming. It’s the size of the data files. That’s the problem. They’ll never get through. Someone has to take that shield gate down.”

At this point, if K-2SO simply had a Filestack application with Filestack Intelligent Ingestion (FII), the movie would be nearly over. I can let it slide that Galen Erso couldn’t get a copy of the files out of Scarif, but now they are there in the data vault. FII would make sure that all of those files got to the Rebel Fleet and no greater effort than beginning the upload would need to occur. Yes large files can be tricky with poor connectivity, but that really is the whole point of FII.

Since we handle so many file uploads at Filestack we are well aware of the potential pitfalls that can occur.

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion (FII)

FII is the latest tool we’ve release to overcome terrible network connections and due to geographic obstacles and heavy traffic issues.  FII is designed to monitor connectivity and adjust the upload based on the available bandwidth. This means that once it is enabled on the application, it does all the work for you and you don’t need to worry about the connectivity. If there is a connection, we will make sure the files get to where they need to go. No Rebel Fleet required.

If the Rogue One crew had used FII the Death Star plans would have been in the hands of The Alliance long before Leia had to send a message to Obi Wan Kenobi.

You probably don’t have files that will save the universe from Darth Vader and The Empire, but that’s ok. I still care enough about your files that I’m thinking about work even when I’m sitting at home watching movies.

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