Save Your Computers With the Power of Workflows

Whether at the office or in school, collaboration is what drives the best outcomes. Yet it can be difficult to allow file and document sharing without exposing a network to risk. Protecting your institution’s computers may seem like a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. Filestack Workflows can help.

Modern platforms require customization and content curation

Users require a custom experience to get the most value out of a platform. Students, teachers, employees, and managers all have the need to share content that they can review and work on together — and this need often runs throughout many aspects of a content management or project management platform.

Unfortunately, any time content is uploaded, it presents a risk to the system as a whole. Any file may contain a malicious program, and these malicious programs can proliferate across a network quickly — damaging your own infrastructure as well as the system of any users who are exposed.

Scanning for Viruses and Malicious Programs

Filestack Workflows is able to automatically scan files as they are uploaded for known malicious programs and exploits. As Filestack Workflows operates through a cloud platform, it does not consume any resources when completing these scans — it is a scalable solution that won’t slow down the network, and can even improve your upload speeds.

Filestack Workflows is updated with best-in-class antivirus technology, able to identify new exploits through behavioral patterns rather than relying on potentially outdated virus definitions. As a hosted solution, it requires no additional maintenance on the organization’s behalf.

Sending Items to Quarantine With Filestack Workflows

When non-compliant files are discovered by Filestack Workflows, they’re sent into “quarantine.” Quarantine retains the copy of the files but ensures that these files are not able to impact your network, computers, or server environment. From quarantine, files can be inspected, deleted, or even allowed to pass through, in the event of a false positive.

Automatic Checks for NSFW and Copyrighted Content

Filestack Workflows doesn’t just check for malicious content. Workflows is a complete content curation solution, designed to do everything from transforming content into consistent formats to optimizing content for easier downloading and editing. As Workflows checks for malicious programs, it will also check for both NSFW and copyrighted content — the type of content that is unacceptable for workplace or educational networks. Through these automated checks, an organization is able to minimize the chances of a user having a negative experience on the content platform.

With Filestack Workflows, you can empower teachers, students, employees, and other network users to upload and share documents with ease. A completely scalable, cloud-based system, Filestack Workflows will be able to detect viruses and malicious programs before they can ever impact your users or your computers.

Are you ready to get started? To learn more about the advantages of Filestack Workflows, contact us or sign up for a free trial today!

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