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At Filestack, we love developers, so we were thrilled to be a part of an event with the brightest hackers in the business. With over 500 in attendance and over $140,000 in prizes, Filestack was able to provide hackers with API tools to upload, transform and deliver files into their applications at TechCrunch Disrupt.

While we’re proud to share that the Filestack APIs were used in several projects, two that stood out are iPaw and Shepherd – both applications built to make the lives of pet owners easier.

iPaw has coined themselves the one stop shop for all things dog. The application functions as a database with access to various pieces of information that a pet parent may need to refer to. Whether related to their dog’s specific breed, travel documents or test records, users are able to store and search for key documents for their pet. Hackers used Filestack’s document upload, storage and search functions to power the ‘Essential Documents’ section of iPaw. While Filestack does all of the heavy lifting for you, users are able to manipulate their dogs’ files and documents to fit their needs.

The app also allows for users to create personalized profiles for their dogs, including uploading an image or taking a photo of their pet. The image then returns information about the dog’s breed. That’s not even all of it. Users are also able to share images and custom details of their dogs to specialized social media channels. 

Take a look at more about the iPaw app here.

A missing dog poster was enough to inspire Shepherd, the app that helps pet owners find lost pets. Shepherd is backed my a custom machine learning model, that allows users to upload an image of a stray dog they may come across. Filestack was able to ensure that Shepherd built a tool to provide users with reliable, quick image uploads.

In addition to the ML neural network, the app is equipped with a responsive user interface as well as geospatial search capabilities. The geospatial functionality allows metadata and image URLs to be queried, allowing users to find their lost pet on any device. The most convenient part of this app is that all of this can be done without microchipping or tagging your pet.


Read more about the process of creating Shepherd, here.

TechCrunch is known to have played a major role in the inception of apps like GroupMe (eventually bought by Skype) and Yammer (later acquired by Microsoft). This year, over 70 contestant groups or applications entered to hack their way to the top. Everything from self-gardening lifestyle apps to platforms that support legal data management was represented at the event.

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