A Look Into DevWeek Austin 2019

The Filestack team had the privilege of attending DevNetwork’s DeveloperWeek Expo and Hackathon this year in Austin, TX. This is where DevNetwork’s largest network of developers in the region came together to learn and compete in Austin’s largest challenge-driven hackathon, with over $12,000 in prizes awarded to winners.

Filestack provided a challenge to hackers that included the following:

Build a functional application utilizing the content APIs from Filestack via Workflows. With a few lines of code, Workflows allows you to automate file handling tasks including uploads, transformations, content intelligence and delivery – all while creating a smooth user experience. Participants were required to use up to 3 workflows in their project. Each workflow will be graded on its traits, but any additional features or workflows will gain extra points.


Grading Criteria

25 points: Does the workflow solve the problem efficiently without over-using transformations? (Having made the best logical path for the transformation(s))

30 points: How many content handling obstacles does the workflow(s) in your application solve?

30 points: How diverse is the workflow? (i.e. How many different files/file types can it work with?)

15 points: How many intelligence tasks are used in each workflow?


Was the Picker implemented to complete the project?

Was the Picker customized? How?

Was the Transformations UI used for any of the project?


The power of two image processing APIs

Canon, a household name, is the leading provider of consumer, B2B and industrial digital imaging solutions. Along with Redux, Filestack Workflows and the Canon Camera Control API, the Filestack hackathon challenge winner, CanonShot, walked away with first place after developing an app that allows photographers to take their businesses to the next level with self-portraits. 

A remote application inspired by discussion with real photographers, CanonShot allows photographers to take self-portraits without sacrificing the quality with which they would photograph their clients. With the app, professional photographers are able to view a live feed from their camera, change settings and share photos. You can even save photos to your connected phone’s camera roll. The best part? It’s a plug and play solution that is extremely easy to use.

CanonShot took advantage of Filestack Workflows to automate transformations of images that were captured from the live feed within the mobile app. They were also able to leverage Workflows to allows users to change camera settings and automate the actions performed on an image in their application. 

Not only did CanonShot win the Filestack hackathon challenge, the team also took home first place overall. Take a look here to learn more about what CanonShot has to offer and for an opportunity to try it out for yourself!  Want to know about upcoming events and hackathons that Filestack will be a part of? Keep an eye on our blog or sign up free to receive email updates.

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