Don’t Let Infected Code Get the Best of Your Business

Every company should have robust virus protection to handle the monitoring and quarantining of files that have possibly been infected with a virus or malware. Many major companies have been in the news after becoming victimized by infected files. These companies have suffered in the form of bad press, application downtime and millions of dollars of lost revenue. The importance of preventing cyber attacks cannot be emphasized enough. Studies have shown that antivirus software is effective at preventing major cyber intrusions, however, antivirus software is not going to be able to protect your application from malicious code within file uploads.

Here is some information about how crucial it is not to let infected files get the best of your business and how Filestack Virus Detection can help protect your business from potentially malicious cyber activity.

The Importance of Secure File Uploads

As you know, file uploads are essential for many business services and applications as well as for user productivity. For example, file uploads are a major component in healthcare portals, content management systems, insurance sites, and applications for messaging. It is essential to have measures in place to ensure secure file uploads. If you leave uploads unrestricted, this essentially opens the door for malicious programs to wreak havoc.

A common misbelief that many people harbor is that all threats come in the form of cyber attacks and direct hacking attempts. The truth is that it is possible for malicious programs to develop from infected files uploaded into an application. The introduction of this harmful code could be deliberate or accidental. No matter the case, all it takes is one infected file to compromise the cyber security of your business.

One strategy that you should employ to prevent this is scanning all files before they enter your network. Uploading files from untrusted sources is one of the most common ways harmful code is introduced. Not only can harmful code from a file spread into your company’s systems, but they can also infect your end users. If malicious code is introduced to your end users’ files, you can expect to experience a considerable loss of confidence in your brand. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and scan every single file upon upload.

Why Filestack Virus Detection?

Filestack recognizes the importance of secure file uploads, which is why we offer Virus Detection as a part of the Filestack Workflows suite. Virus Detection is one of our newest tools built to screen files for malware, viruses, and other malicious programs.

Filestack Virus Detection works by scanning files of all types, such as HTML, tar, zip, video, and audio. Our virus detection capabilities scan the files for any viruses or malware upon upload into user applications and prevent malicious code hidden within any files from executing and infecting the end user.

Not only does Filestack have the ability to detect this hidden, infected code, but it also allows you to quarantine and examine the file before it can be delivered through a transformation parameter. This is performed with a webhook associated with Filestack Workflows. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about going through a long process of technical setup to ensure the sanitation of files hiding infected code.

Example webhook payload for a virus detection task

Filestack Virus Protection will ensure a secure file upload with the help of composite file virus scanning. While some people understand that files can spread viruses, many overlook the ability of ZIP and TAR files to spread malicious malware. You will also be able to check for the presence of malware every time new versions of the same file are uploaded to ensure a secure file upload every time.

Filestack Workflows makes it easy for you to integrate virus detection into your app. Use Workflows to automatically scan and detect threatening viruses or malicious programs. Files with detected viruses and malware will be sent into quarantine and the app owner will be notified immediately so that appropriate action can be taken. Even though file upload security is incredibly important, that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult.

After investing so many resources into creating an amazing product, the last thing you want is for infected files to be the downfall of your business. Switch to Filestack to ensure infected files don’t get the best of your business. Don’t wait until your business becomes the victim of infected files that lead to millions of dollars of lost revenue and an irreparably damaged reputation.

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