Filepicker acquires OneTimeBox

Filepicker is excited to announce the acquisition of OneTimeBox. OneTimeBox allows people to quickly and easily share files without the hassle of making accounts and experiencing lengthy wait times. Its incredible simplicity and strong execution align well Filepicker’s vision.

OneTimeBox was built by Oliver Song at HackMIT. Over the past year, it has steadily grown to move hundreds of terabytes of files and support millions of uploads and downloads.

As any OneTimeBox user will know, its simplicity is undeniably compelling. Once you create a box, anyone with the link can add, download, or delete files. After one week, the box and its contents expire. When Oliver was building OneTimeBox, he chose to use Filepicker for file uploads. As he stated, “Filepicker was easy to implement and super user friendly. It was the obvious choice.”

We believe Filepicker and OneTimeBox will become a strong partnership. While Filepicker easily connects users to their files on the cloud, OneTimeBox lets them share their files without giving up access to their cloud drives.

Filepicker CEO Jason Toy said, “We are pleased to be supporting a very unique app! It falls in line with our mission to connect people to their files quickly and easily.”

We want to thank Oliver for his work on this project, and his passion for building applications that pushed OneTimeBox to where it is today.


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