IdeatEd Integrates Filestack to Easily Modify Image Uploads

Recently, Filepicker graciously donated a free account to IdeatEd, a social impact project building & impact tracking platform for students.

Using the Filepicker API allows our students to easily drag and drop their photos into projects, and to pull from photos uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The experience that students have in our project building wizard is a big priority for us, and the Filepicker API has gone a long way in making that experience great – integrating everything from image cropping and resizing to image blur.

We were really impressed by how fast we were able to integrate the API and get up and running.

The Filepicker team has been great to work with and we would highly recommend them and their product if you are looking for an amazing way to connect user content with your application.

Our warmest thanks, Filepicker!

Erin Beitel

IdeatEd Team

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