Exosphere 2014 Mission Release

Thanks to everyone who came out to Exosphere 2014! It was a great turnout, and good times were had by all.

Participants who were in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent were invited by Iron.io, Storm Ventures, Copper.io and Filepicker to attend the shuttle launch.

On Wednesday, November 12th, at approximately 18:30 Pacific Standard Time (PST), all those invited received a transmission via Short Message Service (SMS) with instructions as to where our launch into the Exosphere was going to be.

Once boarding the lift and arriving to the rooftop launch pad, cosmonauts were greeted by balloons, a DJ, plenty of sushi, a poker room, and drinks all around.

Thanks for helping us throw a great afterparty. Some notables from: Rackspace, StatusPage, Box, Carbonite, Docker, Amazon, New Relic, Adobe, HTC, Pivitol, Cloudability, Zynga, Ooyala and more!

Status reports show that the mission was a success, and all reported an enjoyable time. There must have been some turbulence though, as some were late to scheduled check-ins the following day.

The countdown has begun for next year’s ship. Be sure not to miss it!

Original Post from Copper.io

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