Google launches Nearline with Filestack as a launch partner

This morning, Google Cloud Platform launched Nearline, a cold data storage offering. Filestack is proud to be a launch partner, with the likes of Actifio, Symantec, Iron Mountain, and more.

What is Google Cloud Storage Nearline?

Nearline is a cold storage offering that is highly available with affordable pricing. While typical cold storage only provides access to files 3+ hours after a request, Google Cloud Storage Nearline can provide data with a ~3-second response.

Google Cloud Storage Nearline and Filestack

With Filestack’s integration of Nearline, our 60,000+ applications instantly have access to “A highly available, affordable solution for backup, archiving and disaster recovery”.

We looked for customers to get this into a live environment. CloudApp was a perfect fit because they want to maintain a high level of service for their customers, but the cost of saving everyone’s shared assets was exponentially increasing.

CloudApp was thrilled to announce via Filestack, CloudApp now supports lifecycle automation to Google Nearline. “Basically, CloudApp got an upgrade overnight,” says CloudApp. “Now our users get to keep their permanence, we get to keep our margins and our tech team gets to focus on value added activities that truly delights our customers!”

Google Cloud Storage Nearline available for all Filestack customers

Google Cloud Storage Nearline is now available to any Filestack customer. Activate Nearline by contacting your account manager today:

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