Filestack acquires UGC Curation Platform – TINT!

We have some exciting news to share. Today, Filestack acquired TINT, a user-generated content platform that is trusted by over 5,000 well-known brands including; Nestle, Nike, and Marriott, to find and curate authentic content to drive a high level of engagement with their users.

TINT joining the Filestack family is a natural fit for both companies, as TINT has leveraged the Filestack Platform for several years.

The Big Data problem is well known and to a large degree has been solved by some awesome solutions and platforms. We are looking to solve the next big problem which is: Big Content. Content is being created at an unprecedented rate. With the adoption of social networks, content creation has been democratized.

The most effective user engagement is word of mouth. The authentic nature and connection, truly highlight the passion that users have towards the brands they consume.  TINT makes it possible for marketers to select and curate user-generated content in a streamlined manner, that creates an ‘always-on’ content engine that has a virtually infinite stream of legal (rights acquired) curated content.

How hard has TINT worked to make this process as simple as possible? To date, they’ve handled over 1B pieces of aggregated content (ingesting ~60 million pieces of content per month!).

Try doing that by hand. 

The bedrock of TINTs platform is aggregation, curation and display of any type of content, anywhere in the world – on websites, mobile applications or digital signage. In short, the platform handles the end-to-end journey of user-generated content for brand managing marketers.

Sound familiar? Filestack’s digital content platform provides a toolkit for end to end content management and curation services on the internet.

The problems that TINT solves for marketers, are similar problems that Filestack solves for developers. Accessing content, uploading content, transforming it to be just right, delivering it, and now, displaying it.

The growing need for an end-to-end platform that does all the heavy lifting, is what makes this an exciting acquisition. As core features of Filestack’s machine learning led content curation engine are applied to the TINT, the platform gets richer. Features like advanced moderation and filtering capabilities for safe for work checks, copyright detection, content categorization and search will help marketers breath easy when it comes to curated content needs.

We are genuinely excited about what this means for Filestack customers and TINT customers alike. Immediately, customers will be able to continue using both applications as expected.

Coming soon, our customers will be able to leverage all product lines through a unified Filestack Platform. P.S, we’ve got news to share.

Sameer Kamat | CEO, Filestack

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