Filestack Surpasses 100,000 Applications! ?

Earlier this week, Filestack surpassed 100,000 applications! As we continue to develop our product and grow our community, we cannot thank YOU enough for fueling Filestack’s success. We are able to grow thanks to constant requests and genuine feedback.

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We’re Proud of Every Single App

Filestack’s success is defined by the success of our customers. How are we making your site faster? Your uploads more reliable? Your customer experience more streamlined?

We love helping our customers optimize and accelerate their applications. And we’re so proud of how our customers implement us, often in original creative ways to serve fantastic missions.

  • Watsi, Y Combinator’s first non-profit, uses Filestack to crowd-fund healthcare to people in need.
  • TED uses Filestack to allow experts to share “ideas worth spreading.”
  • Teachable uses Filestack to allow teachers to upload and share course material.
  • American Greetings uses Filestack to upload pictures for custom holiday cards, and share joy.
  • And 999,997+ other applications also use Filestack to upload and share images, content, information, and more.

100000 applications using filestack

Together, we are building awesome things. We could not be more proud of our community of developers and your amazing applications. Thank you for trusting us to power your files.

We Love YOU!

So, please tell us! What are you building with Filestack? Link to your application below so we can be proud of you too, and show you off like our favorite grandchildren. YOU ROCK!

Also… If you are not one of our current apps but want to join in on the fun, you can sign up for an API key here.

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