Why OCR for Business Cards?

Filestack OCR for Business Cards

The growth of a business depends on the contacts you make as a business owner. Trading business cards is a great way to keep in touch with important contacts in your network. You want to keep track of their information without searching through an endless pile of cards. The problem is getting the most out of these contacts takes organizational time, time you most likely don’t have.

If you want to get the most out of your business card connections, you want to work with Filestack’s optical character recognition system to get your situation under control.

How It Works

Optical character recognition works by scanning the business card or using an image of the card. It gathers the relevant information from the card by identifying the important characters. It then digitizes the information and gives you a report with the information. You can then save the information in an appropriate file.

The advantage of using OCR for business cards is the time you save. A business card has more than just a name and phone number. It has multiple numbers, email information and any other relevant contact information. It takes time to manually enter the information into your computer and then organize the information. By using OCR by Filestack, you do not need to waste your time with manual processes or organization. It gives you an organized report of the relevant information. OCR has a high rate of accuracy, so you do not need to worry about accidental mistakes that arise when you manually enter the data.

Business cards play an important role in building up your network. You want to keep track of the important information by saving the data in your computer. By using OCR by Filestack, you save your time and keep track of the data. You can learn more about OCR by Filestack with a free trial, starting a conversation on a on your use case, or watching the video below!


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