Introducing the Filestack Platinum Support (Coming Soon)

Filestack Platinum Support

We know that exceptional customer support is vital in a competitive business world. That’s why we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Filestack Platinum Support, a dedicated service designed to cater to your urgent needs. With a dedicated account team, priority request reviews and updates, priority bug fixes, and the option of a quarterly briefing with our product management team, we aim to empower businesses by providing a seamless and hassle-free support experience. Unlock the full potential of Filestack with our superior support service.

Quick Glance at Filestack’s standard Support

Filestack’s free standard Support provides:

  •  General Review of the Issue:

provides a thorough analysis of any issues you may encounter. They offer recommendations and solutions to help you address these issues efficiently.

  •  Access to Knowledge Base Articles:

Standard support includes access to a comprehensive library of Knowledge Base articles. Here, you can find detailed walkthroughs, tips, and answers to common queries about various aspects of Filestack.

  •  Email Support Communication:

Via email, you can reach out to our highly-responsive support team. They are committed to addressing your concerns and providing solutions to any issues you might face.

  •  Regular Product Updates and Fixes: 

We regularly roll out updates to improve your experience with Filestack. These updates often include new features and improvements to existing ones.

What Filestack Platinum Support will offer

Filestack Platinum Support

Filestack Platinum Support will go beyond standard support to provide meaningful, engaging, and empathetic interactions with our customers and create the foundation for a lasting bond and trust between Filestack and its user base. Our goal is to form an invaluable part of the customer experience, contributing significantly to the user’s overall satisfaction and perception of the brand.

We believe high-quality customer support will solidify customer loyalty and foster higher customer lifetime value. Therefore, we have created a new support add-on with the following premium features:

  • Dedicated account team:

With Platinum support, you will gain access to a dedicated account team that is committed to addressing your specific needs and providing personalized solutions.

  •  Priority email support: 

You will be given priority in our email queue. This means that your inquiries and concerns will be addressed promptly, allowing you to quickly resolve any issues or make necessary updates to your Filestack integration. 

  •  Priority bug review and updates 

Your reported issues and bugs will take precedence in our development cycle, ensuring they get resolved as quickly as possible. With this level of support, you can rest assured that any bugs or glitches will be given immediate attention.

  • Annual bandwidth analysis report (upon request)

On request, we will provide you with an annual report of your bandwidth usage, along with insightful analysis and optimizations for cost-effective scaling of your Filestack usage. A maximum of two reports can be generated per year, with no more than 500K records per report. This will help you better understand and plan your resources.

  •  Option for quarterly briefing call with Product Management:

You will have the opportunity to have a quarterly meeting with our product management team. This exclusive opportunity will allow you to provide feedback, share insights, and discuss future enhancements or features that would benefit your business.

  • Request Remote Sessions with Screen Sharing:

With this premium feature, our team will be able to assist you through any issues in real-time, providing immediate support and guidance. It’s like having a dedicated Filestack expert right beside you, ready to assist whenever needed. This real-time interaction will ensure faster problem-solving and a more personalized support experience.

  • Your feature requests and feedback get prioritized as key input into our product roadmap:

This means that your needs and wants will directly influence our product development, helping us better cater to the demands and expectations of our clients. Your involvement in shaping our product offerings will allow us to deliver a truly user-centric solution

  • 6 months of free access to Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor: 

As a part of platinum support, you will receive complimentary 6-month free access to the Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor Professional plan. Froala is a powerful and intuitive tool for creating, designing, and editing web content. This editor lets you easily create and edit web pages, documents, or other types of content without having to learn or write HTML code. It lets you see how your content looks as you type. Hence, it also saves time and effort by simplifying the content creation process and reducing errors.

These features, in combination with our ongoing commitment to exceeding customer expectations, will enable us to offer a unique, tailored support experience that truly sets Filestack as your perfect uploading and content management partner. 

How can I subscribe to the Filestack Platinum Support package?

platinum support will be available as a Filestack add-on soon. It will be available for an annual purchase with any of the Grow, Scale, or Custom Filestack plans. 

Fill out the form here to join the waitlist and be the first to know when it is available for purchase.

Experience the Best of Filestack with Platinum Support

With Filestack Platinum Support, you can enjoy a superior level of customer service that will enhance your Filestack experience. You can expect prompt responses and customized assistance from our dedicated account team, who will understand your specific needs and provide personalized solutions. You can also access exclusive features such as priority bug fixes, quarterly briefing calls, remote sessions, and more. Filestack Platinum Support will help you discover the ease and efficiency of using Filestack’s powerful tools and APIs. Don’t miss this opportunity to opt in for our Platinum Support and let our team empower your success.

Filestack Platinum Support

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