Crop, Resize and Filter Photos Using JavaScript, React and the Filestack API

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Developing and maintaining an application that processes many images can be tedious and time consuming – even for the most skilled developer. Filestack strives to automate away the tedium, leaving you more time to focus on your core development. One of the ways we do this is by allowing you to crop, filter, resize, and apply more transformations to images simply by … Read More

2016 Together – Year End Review

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The past year was an exciting time for the Filestack community. After transitioning from Filepicker to Filestack at the end of 2015, we started 2016 with a new goal: To be the complete, end to end solution for file uploading and management.     We’re proud to say that in 2016, Filestack powered 260 Million Files Uploads, 650 Million File … Read More

Create Profile Pictures with NodeJS, JQuery & Google MDL

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In this tutorial, we will walk through using Filestack’s API to upload avatars for applications. Filestack’s team strive provide more and more sophisticated algorithms to manipulate images: This is not just for filtering or image transformations but rather to provide a complete API for users to ease app development. This is actually not the first time we are working with face recognition, … Read More

Upload User Images to Shopify with NodeJS

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From fashion to print shops, Shopify is a great resource for building Ecommerce platforms. Shopify makes it easy to sell goods online – where you can showcase your store and have an online checkout option. However, we often hear clients ask, “How do I enable users to upload pictures to my Shopify store, for custom prints or clothing to resell?” Filestack’s super API … Read More

How to Build an Instagram Clone with React, Node.js and Redux

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Today, I will demonstrate how to create an Instagram clone – in which you can upload files, apply image filters, and share your photos with the world. I will use  React, Node.js, and Redux, as well as Filestack to power the app’s file uploading and image processing functionality. To create an Instagram clone, you need to: Implement a file uploader with a pick function. … Read More

New – Export Files to Zip Folders

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Filestack has long been enabling developers to allow end users to directly upload multiple files from multiple cloud sources like Dropbox, Facebook, and Google Drive in a seamless experience. The ability to save solitary files back to cloud sources or a user’s computer is a little known Filestack feature. Today we are proud to announce new functionality that will extend … Read More

Secure File Uploads with Filestack using Pug and Node.js

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We are finally discussing one of the hottest features of our API – Security. In the previous list of tutorials we have seen Filestack implemented for different use cases (image galleries, responsive images, facial detection and manipulation, and more), with all integrations having one commonality: They are done in the front-end, so any person with basic knowledge of the browser development … Read More

Drag and Drop Files into your App, just like Slack (Demo in jQuery)

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Slack recently announced new file sharing functionality.  Now, Slack users can easily share content by dragging and dropping files, or by accessing files on native and outside services, including Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Drag and Drop File Uploads:   Native and Outside Service Files: Slack’s announcement made our geeky file-sharing-enthusiast hearts burst with joy  – we LOVE seeing companies … Read More

Detect & Blur Faces to Create a “Guess Who” Game with Node.js & React

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A Guess Who game?! Have you ever thought about integrating Filestack into a game? Today I am going to challenge you guys… During the past months, I have been writing posts to showcase different scenarios where Filestack comes in handy: We have seen more than once how Filestack handles pictures upload to help us create several apps, not to mention the … Read More

Software Shoutout: Top 5 Tasks Chartio Does For Me

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You know how sometimes you find a product that makes your work so much easier you wonder how you ever worked without it?  Here at Filestack we hope our customers feel that way about us, but while focusing on making Filestack better, we’ve found a few products indispensable. Hi, I’m Caitlin, I work on data analytics at Filestack, and I’m kind of … Read More

How To Make An Image Responsive

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Users are now accessing our websites from tons of different devices.  The idea of using a PC as the only source for surfing the net sounds like the Stone Age, doesn’t it?  Obviously, different devices mean different screens, different screens mean different sizes and so forth. To put it simply, one of our challenges as developers is definitely the rendering … Read More

How to Collage Images in Your Code to Make Beautiful Posters

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As I never tire of repeating –  Filestack shines when it comes to manipulating images. My last post on image enhancements demonstrates the depths and magnitude of our transformations, and this post will continue down the images path to make a new app for creating photo collages. And by the way, when you are ready to turn your app into a business, make sure to see our … Read More

Enhance Images in your App

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Here at Filestack, we are never done developing.  As the Internet and general technology are constantly evolving, our mission to apply new functionality to our files management API is forever growing. It is with great pleasure that I am showing you the newest available feature for our Filestack Pro clients: We just released a set of Image Enhancements built on deep learning technologies to … Read More

Twitter: You make it too hard to share

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Twitter, you are the best when it comes to sharing thoughts with the world. From sparking trends to mobilizing movements across the world, you have built an incredible platform to bring people together.  When it comes to sharing thoughts and articles, you are the number one. But, there is no great way to share images on your platform. When I … Read More

How to Create an Image Gallery with Filestack

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In the last tutorials, I gave an overview of Filestack’s ability to manipulate documents and audio files: We built a fanfiction website to showcase documents and a soundstack-like app to show the powerful audio transcoding function of Filestack’s API.  Nonetheless, I often highlight Filestack’s value when it comes to uploading and manipulating pictures, so it’s about time we work with … Read More

Build Your Own Soundcloud App to Share Audio Files

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There is no doubt Filestack is very popular when it comes to working with pictures, as there are loads of possibilities for customizing images. However, the API extends far beyond this: There are no constraints on the files one can upload, and the Filestack team kindly provides other functionalities: Video and Audio conversions for example. In this tutorial we are going to … Read More

Simpler URLS for Filestack Transformations

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No longer do you need to include your Filestack API key in your file URL when transforming images, videos, audio files, or documents. As long as the file you are transforming has a Filestack URL or handle, you can now simply write ( / (desired transformation parameters)/ the file handle or URL. The Old Way (which still works): The New … Read More

Increase Signups by more than 30% with Slack OAuth Integration

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When we launched Filestack, our goal was to make the normally complicated process of managing end user content ridiculously easy. So we built a files API  for developers to help end users upload files from over 20+ cloud sources (think Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram–all the places where we actually store files these days). Devs can then apply hundreds of transformations, store directly to … Read More

Instagram API changes – Our problem not yours

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On June 1st, Instagram started to enforce new policies to their platform. Now, all applications that have not already gone through their recertification process are being moved to the developer’s sandbox and cut off from public availability. Fortunately, Filestack confirmed its place as an authorized application early enough that our platform will continue to function as usual for all of … Read More

A Great API Usurped by a Mobile SDK

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Last week Mapquest announced the release of their iOS and Android SDK, as well as the end of their Javascript Maps API, signalling their full commitment to the mobile application ecosystem. More and more users access the web via application. As a result, developers are relying on 3rd party SDKs to deliver core functionality to their applications.  Filestack will soon … Read More

Login via Github, Google, or Slack

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Just a quick update that we have added OAuth integration to our Developer Portal. You are now able to register or login to manage your Filestack apps using your Github, Google, or Slack credentials. If you are already a Filestack user and would like to link one of these OAuth accounts, simply go to the Account Settings page by clicking the “Account” link at … Read More

Expanding our Worldwide Content Delivery Network to Canada…

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We’re excited to announce some upgrades to our system, thanks to our Content Delivery Network (CDN) Partner Fastly.   First, is the addition of a POP in Canada. This means visitors from Canada spend less time waiting for your content, instead of enjoying it. Secondly, Fastly has also added capacity by expanding the POPs in New York, Boston and Chicago and … Read More

Building an ASCII Posters Store With Snipcart & Filestack

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Charles Ouellet, the Co-Founder & Lead Engineer of SnipCart. Here he demonstrates how to easily create an online ASCII poster store using Filestack and Snipcart. When we launched Snipcart, our shopping cart platform, we decided to build something we, as developers, would love to use. Something that would make our jobs easier, and more fun. … Read More

Filestack Users are Not Susceptible To ImageMagick Vulnerabilities

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On May 3rd, 2016, security researcher Stewie with assistance from Nikolay Ermishkin disclosed a vulnerability in ImageMagick which could be used to allow remote execution of code. This vulnerability has left millions of websites vulnerable to hackers, as hackers can upload malicious files through any file uploader, and then execute commands to take over the system. For example, a file could be uploaded to install … Read More

How to do SXSW Interactive without a Budget

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From growth hacking to long days with more caffeine than sleep, startups are all about doing a lot with little resources. So when SXSW Interactive is only an hour away from Filestack’s home base in San Antonio, I couldn’t afford a ticket, but I also couldn’t afford to miss out on all of the tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry experts … Read More

Image Transformations: One Image, Infinite Possibilities

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We tend to use the line “one image, infinite possibilities” when talking about Filestack’s image transformations. Our on-the-fly transformation of delivered images allows customers to serve a single image in an almost infinite number of variations without ever changing the original file. To show how easy it is to use our powerful image transformations in your app, I took one picture and served it 20 different ways. I’ll let you … Read More

Google Announces: “Moving on from Picasa”

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Google announced today that “after much thought and consideration” they are retiring Picasa to focus on building “amazing experiences and features” around their Google Photos services. Picasa users will continue to have access to their photos for the foreseeable future. Google will cease supporting Picasa’s desktop application on March 15, 2016. Other changes to Picasa Web Albums will start rolling … Read More

The Right Widget For The Right Workflow

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Filestack’s mission is to provide a powerful, easy to use, end-to-end file management solution for application developers. There’s little doubt that our platform makes it exceptionally easy to upload, store, transform and deliver your application’s images and other files. But to provide true ‘end to end’ simplicity means we also have to make it exceptionally easy to implement. In this blog … Read More

0 to 500: The story of being (Product) Hunted

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This blog post was originally published on Medium and is republished here for our readers. From waking up unprepared for our name on Product Hunt to getting 500 upvotes, dozens of new signups, thousands of new site visitors, and a #4 spot on the Product Hunt Tech Digest.

Insights and Automation: Using webhooks to run your business

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The grail for SaaS or other Internet companies is architecting a completely automated business that can practically run itself. To achieve this level of business autonomy you need a system that is as durable as it is scalable and provides accurate, real-time reporting to ensure everything is running smoothly. For many businesses, especially apps that deal with user-generated content or … Read More

Building a simple Instagram clone – An introduction to Image Transformations

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When I talk to the customers that are relying heavily on Filestack to build, manage and grow their apps (along with their business), the overwhelming use case is allowing Filestack to handle their image assets upon upload and delivery. This post shows how easy it is to manage your photos by showing you how to construct URLs that perform one … Read More

An Introduction to Filestack

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Like most SaaS businesses, describing what we do can be a challenge. In the past we’ve used a number of terms to describe what Filestack is (and isn’t) with varying degrees success and completeness. One of the key reasons we felt compelled to transition the company from Filepicker to Filestack was to expand the focus from our picker (what most … Read More

Account Analytics: Knowing is half the battle!

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When it comes to running a successful business, knowing is, at minimum, half the battle. Up until now, Filestack reserved account-level analytics as a premium feature of paid accounts. Starting this week we’ve unlocked that feature for all account types, from the free Hobbyist plan to our Enterprise-level custom accounts tailored for specific use cases (yes, we offer those!).

iOS Library v5.1.0 Released

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We’re happy to announce that the latest version of our iOS Library, 5.1.0, is now available from CocoaPods. The latest version removes iOS 9 deprecated codes and libraries. Among the iOS 9 code that was removed is the ALAssetsLibrary which provided access to photos and videos under control of the Photos application, but has been replaced with the Photos framework … Read More

Future Proofing UPLOADS with Filestack

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Uploading local files without Filestack is about to take three steps forward…and two steps backwards. In a continued effort to rid the Web of flash, Mozilla has been working with Microsoft on a proposal that would provide directory picking and directory drag-and-drop, which sounds like a good thing. However, due to the potential for performance problems when working with a … Read More

Totally revamped Filepicker dialog!

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We’re excited to announce a brand new version of our dialog! Dialog version 2 comes with many new features and lots of improvements. Working on the new version we focused on better user experience and speed. That’s why we have implemented client side image compression, background upload and a new responsive design.  All new dialog features are available with javascript library version 2, and … Read More

Google launches Nearline with Filestack as a launch partner

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This morning, Google Cloud Platform launched Nearline, a cold data storage offering. Filestack is proud to be a launch partner, with the likes of Actifio, Symantec, Iron Mountain, and more. What is Google Cloud Storage Nearline? Nearline is a cold storage offering that is highly available with affordable pricing. While typical cold storage only provides access to files 3+ hours … Read More

A new Filepicker plugin….created by a Filepicker client

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Sometimes, if you are really lucky, your client can do something pretty magical with your own product that makes it even more awesome. Just like what happened to us recently. Didier Baquier – the creative Lead Full Stack Developer at – created that something special to solve his specific development requirement using the Filepicker API. The self-acclaimed open source … Read More

How Teachable is helping teachers make millions

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Teachable is a New York-based startup, founded by Ankur Nagpal and Conrad Wadowski The company was officially launched in February 2014. What they do: Described as the Shopify for the educational market, Teachable is an e-commerce platform that enables teachers to create their own online schools and sell the class content to students through their own personal website. What their USP is: Teachable believes … Read More

Filestack adds Imgur to list of cloud sources

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As Imgur continues to take over the image-sharing market, they have chosen Filestack to help them achieve ultimate success. Imgur – the “simple image sharer” – is now available on the ever-expanding Filestack File Uploads Dialog, enabling end-users to upload their files to any app that integrates with Filestack. Imgur has been enjoying rapid growth in recent months, and thanks to a wrath of … Read More

Filepicker team celebrates Tech in Motion milestone

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When there is cake promised, the Filepicker team will attend any networking meet-up. And so Jason Toy, our always-hungry CEO, was one of the first to descend upon the San-Francisco Tech in Motion event last night (May 14). The atmosphere at the meet-up was extra special as the group reached the epic 5,000 member milestone mark. Great work considering it was only established … Read More

From a bug to an on our iOS library

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While you were all sleeping or on lazy coffee-breaks, our developers were like Batman and Robin fixing a library bug that was connected with the AFNetworking library. Within 24 hours, the Filepicker iOS library was upgraded to reflect this change to version 4.2.2, while our AFNetworking library was updated to version 2.5.3. That is how we roll at Filepicker. Developers are … Read More

Filepicker team goes to lunch…

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Last Friday our team decided to go to lunch all together – and we survived!   Then in a twist, our Europe office countered with the Kings of Leon playing right outside their window!